Just a Few Words

Once a prison, today one of the most intriguing hostels in the world. A place that used to divide and categorize people according to different opinions and believes, has grown into a true social center and a melting pot of ideas.

A safe haven for travelers, artists and all high-spirited people. The prisoners were replaced by the artists for a decade, who breathed in new life and opened the place to fresh ways of expression and then back in 2003 left room for travelers who on daily basis contribute to broadening new dimensions of freedom. Hostel Celica is the perfect example how art can transform a place with such dark and complex story into a completely opposite environment, filled with innumerous opportunities and positive vibrations. That is why we pay a lot of attention to the energy we let in the place and care for what we leave behind. That is why we make every smile, every look and every word count.

Welcome to Celica.

Free WiFi | Free towels | Personal lockers | Free storage | Restaurant | Bar | Common areas | 24 hour reception desk | Fully equipped kitchen

Directions to the Hostel

Located in the city of Ljubljana, Hostel Celica is only 5 minutes away from the main train and bus station.