Just a Few Words

KVA Hostel is located in the heart of Ljubljana Old Town on the renovated Breg embankment by the Ljubljanica river, in one of a Breg’s most noteworthy historical buildings, the former Printing House.
As soon as you step in KVA you will be surrounded by its unique creativity, friendly atmosphere and several family – friends artworks. Lay down in comfortable bed & enjoy its cleanness, freshness & take a benefit from fully equipped communal kitchen. After a day exploring Ljubljana relax in our big, cosy lounge with the view on a castle and a vibrant life by the river. We enjoy it, come to join us!

Free Wi-Fi | Personal Lockers | Towels for rent | Laundry Service | Free storage | Friendly&charming common area | Fully equipped kitchen | Mini library, board games, good music | Mini bar | Iron, hairdryers etc. | Shuttle service

Directions to the Hostel

From the airport:

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, located in Brnik near Ljubljana, is the country's main airport. Its distance from the capital being a little less than 26 kilometres, it can be reached within a 30-minute ride. Getting to and from Ljubljana Airport really couldn’t be easier. There are plenty of options, each as simple as the last.

The cheapest option however is by Bus. The journey costs €4.10 and takes around an hour. The AlpeTour (follow the link for the timetable) service seems to be most frequently used, leaving from stop 28 at Ljubljana’s main train and bus station and using the same place as its drop off. There are up to 16 buses per day, between the hours of 05:00 and 20:00.

Those coming in the night or wishing a little more comfort in their bus ride, can choose between Shuttle options. The journey takes around 30 minute, ring ahead to your company of choice to confirm a seat or send a request to our hostel and we can book it for you (10€ per person).

If you’re willing to spend a little more on your transport, Ljubljana also possesses a vast number of Taxi services to get you from airport to town or vice-versa. Expect to pay a minimum of €25 for this journey, which should last around 30 minutes. A taxi rank stands outside the airport terminal, and those heading to Jože Pučnik can find a similar rank at the bus/train station, although we’d always recommend booking one ahead of time to your location. If you write or call a hostel within 24 hours before your arrival, we will be happy to book a taxi for you (25€ per taxi).

From the Train and Bus Station:

Train station and bus station are 2 neighbouring buildings.


If you can't wait to step on the streets of Ljubljana, you can just head down on Miklošičeva street that will take you directly to the main square in Ljubljana, named after our greatest poet, Prešeren and from than you continue by the river towards Breg. It will take you around 15 minutes.

Taking a local bus:

– take number 2 on a station for local buses called Kolodvor (just infront of office of bus station) and you travel till Gornji trg (6 stops) and then walk 170 m till hostel.
- walk till bus station to station fot local buses called Bavarski dvor (7 min walk) take bus 3, 27 or 11 and travel till Gornji trg (5 stops), then walk 170 m till hostel (2 min)

The travel with bus will take you around 15 minutes.

*How to use local public bus?
If you intend to use bus transportation in Ljubljana, you need to buy Urbana card. You can get it for one time fee of 2€ at tourist information centers, most city street kiosks and post offices hold it as well. One journey costs 1.20 € and allows you to change as many busses as you need in a time of 90 minutes.

Taking a taxi:

There is a taxi rank in front of the railway and bus station. While the taxi companies have different rates, we suggest calling the cheapest taxi in Ljubljana, one as they also speak English.

Are you coming with car?

As with any European capital, finding a free (no cost) parking space during the week in the city centre, especially until late afternoon, can be a mission of sorts. We suggest to park in the nearest NUK Parking area by Križanke. This parking facility is located between the Slovenska cesta Street, Zoisova cesta Street and Emonska cesta Street and it can be entered from the Emonska cesta Street.

The facility has an automated entry/exit system.

· Daytime tariff from 7 am to 7 pm: €1.20/hour

· Night time tariff from 7 pm to 7 am: €1.80/night

Info for parking in other parts of Ljubljana: www.lpt.si/en/.